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Wednesday, May 9, 2007
The Last Day of School
One of the advantages of homeschooling is that we get to choose our schedules, and we get to tailor our teaching to Cadi’s needs and interests.
This week marks our last week of school!  I’ve been a faithful user of Sonlight Curriculum, which I highly recommend to everyone who hates textbooks but loves to read.  We’ve been learning about World History from creation to the present day...what a whirlwind this study has been!  We’ve studied people groups all over the world and have prayed specifically for each one.
Today Cadi compared war to children fighting over toys.  Through the eyes of a child, WWII definitely seems petty and childish.   But we’re reminded that Jesus told us not to be troubled by “wars and rumors of wars.”  Such things will always be with us in the world, but Christ has overcome the world!
Tomorrow will be our official Last Day of School.  We’ve completed 36 weeks of history, geography, Bible study, math, reading, phonics, spelling, grammar, creative writing, cursive, art, drama, and science.  To celebrate this achievement, we’ll take our school work to a local park.  We’re going to have an official “Second Grade Graduation” ceremony to celebrate Cadi’s many accomplishments this year, and then we’ll go out for ice cream!  Then we’ll have “Pool School” with our construction company and will take our first swim in the tropical paradise...what a way to celebrate!
Next week I’ll be administering the Stanford Achievement Test to Cadi and a couple of other second graders, and the week after that I’ll administer it to several older children.  Giving the test helps me keep myself accountable; I need to know how much she’s learned this year compared to last, and I need to find out which topics need more work.
And what about Jon?  He is excited that he gets to attend Cadi’s end of the year drama performance next week.  He’s been busy managing work and keeping after the pool company.  The pool that was supposed to be completed by the end of March is only just now being finished!  He’s been working on the lawn, trying to get rid of the weeds that sprang up when our sprinklers were disconnected due to construction.  
He and Cadi are quite the golf players.  They regularly team up to beat Tiger Woods himself....on the GameCube, that is!  Travel is still the name of the game for him at work.  He’s enjoyed a couple of weeks without travel but soon will begin more business trips.  He’s eager to get grilling on his new grill in the outdoor kitchen.  Come on over, and he’ll make you his famous fajitas!