About Us
Our Family
Jon, Christie, and Cadi
Favorite Photos
Shiner, when finding no treats to mooch, licks the air
The view of our new pool and the soothing waterfall.
Authors We Like
  1. 1.Ted Dekker (Jon)
  2. 2.Francine Rivers (Christie)
  3. 3.Laura Ingalls Wilder (Cadi)
About Us
It’s hard to believe that we’ve been a family for nearly twelve years now.  Jon works for a healthcare technology company, Availity, and Christie, a former schoolteacher, is now a very active homeschooling mom.  Cadi, the social butterfly, keeps busy with tumbling classes, Girl Scouts, piano lessons, drama class, the neighborhood girls, and other homeschooled kids in various play dates and service projects.  Shiner, the eleven year old Dalmatian, and Lacee, the 2-year-old Haveton, spend their days eating, mooching, napping, taking long walks, and playing.